Friday, December 30, 2005

So this is Christmas

Alas, my Christmas was pretty interesting. J3R0 and I had stayed up really late the night before, and so we wound up sleeping in pretty late on Sunday. I’d misplaced my cell phone, and didn’t find it until about 3 PM – along with a lot of missed calls, and a snippy “some communication would be nice” text message from my sister. Oops.

J3R0 and I went ahead and got ready, and I waited to call my sister ‘til I was actually on the road – I didn’t want to tell her we were on my way until I was sure there actually wouldn’t be any more delays.

We got to Cincinnati around six, and mom had called to ask if we could pick up chicken – not a good sign, since she’d promised a big Christmas dinner, and it was obvious as we hit town that not only was it not ready, but she hadn’t even picked up the ingredients.

When we got there, C#H_ was livid, and mom was crazy and manic, as usual. There was no Christmas dinner, which was my fault because I hadn’t given them a better ETA… apparently “Christmas around dinnertime” plus two-hour’s notice wasn’t enough for them to adjust at all. Luckily, C#H_ saved things by going out and getting ingredients for a yummy spaghetti dinner, although it was still embarrassing to have my mother turning off the CD to sing to J3R0, and taking her aside whenever Mom managed to divert my attention. I set up Mom’s cell phone to get her off my back about it, and that at least gave us some peace while she called and bugged other people. Finally, she wandered back to the pub (from where C#H_ had to retrieve her earlier in the evening already), and J3R0 and I had some quiet time to hang out with C#H_, who had finally calmed down. It was nice to see C#H_, and to have J3R0 on the ride there and back, but otherwise it was a disaster. At least I got some nice presents from C#H_ out of the deal. B^)

"It's been a fabulous year for Laura and me."
-- George W. Bush, three months after the World Trade Center towers went down

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mr. Bigglesworth -- er, I mean, Dog Roland

The bonfire Saturday night was a lot of fun – it was nice to chill with a group of my friends that I seldom get to see, and not have to deal with any drama for an evening. E- even brought Mr. Dog Roland, so it was cute to see him running around the yard on his stubby little legs.

Oh, no – I think I’m being won over to wiener dogs! *facepalm*
Must remember – little over-bred mutant aberrations! Not the cutest thing in the canine kingdom!


Even more odd is the fact that E- just carries him around everywhere she goes, petting him, like he’s Mr. Bigglesworth. For Primus’s sake – when did she become a Bond villain?

Ah, well. Work day is over. Heading out of here.

Bush Posts Classified Ad For 90,000 Troops
WASHINGTON, DC—In an effort to relieve the burden on his overextended armed forces in Iraq, President Bush placed a four-line classified ad in the Monday edition of 75 U.S. newspapers. "WANTED: motivated, dedicated, obedient people looking for career in growing field of nation liberation," the ad read. "90,000 jobs avail. F/T days, nights, weekends. No exp. necessary. Will train. Arabic a plus. Starter pay, solid bnfts." To further boost military enlistment rates, Bush plans to post the job offer at employment offices in 300 cities across the country.
-- The Onion

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Well, I finally got the form I need to petition the court to end my child support. My mom pointed out today that I’ve given an extra $2000 from my paycheck since I found out in May that I’m not A1’s biological father, and I’m still paying J@{’s cell phone to boot. I actually got a copy of the form during my vacation last month, but then I got really sick, and it’s one of the things I didn’t get to. Now, I guess, I’ve just been procrastinating. I’m not sure I have all the information I need, but that’s just an excuse because I haven’t actually looked yet, and the real problem is that I just hate paperwork. However, that $2000 is a pretty good reminder that I need to take care of this immediately, so maybe I’ll fill out what I can at work during my break, and then finish it when I get home and get it mailed.
At least the process itself shouldn't be too painful. Apparently, once I petition to have the child support changed, they'll call J@{ and I into a hearing, like they did with the initial child support establishment hearing. J@{ and I are in agreement that the child support responsibility should be transferred over to N@7, so as long as we bring the paternity results, with luck there won't be a problem with that. Of course, that means N@7 might have to get a real job, but that'll be their problem.

In an important speech…, George Bush attempted to portray how important his faith is in his life. He of course was trying to apply what he's learned from his father….
In his typically condescending, smug manner, he said his favorite Bible verse is John 16:3. Of course, the speech writer meant 3:16, but wasn't even familiar enough with this often-quoted & of course often taken-for-granted Scripture to catch the error. Neither was Bush, and how incredibly appropriate it is.
"And they will do this because they have not known the Father or me."
— John 16:3
-- syndicated columnist Cal Thomas, Blinded by Might: Can the Religious Right Save America?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Parent Center

I unsubscribed to Parent Center today. I’m no longer involved in decisions involving A1… I’m informed of them after the fact. The Parent Center emails were just another depressing reminder. *sigh*

I need to go to court, still, to stop the child support payments. For extra cash, I can secure visitation rights, but I really hope I don’t have to take it that far. People have urged me to sue to get back some of what I’ve already paid, but I don’t really want to be an additional burden to A1's new nuclear family. I just don’t want to be paying N@+’s share anymore, since as much as I love A1, I don’t have the opportunity anymore to feel much like his dad . B^/

Ah, well. Break's over. Back to work.

Bu$h/Cheney: Over a billion Whoppers served.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


J@{ brought A1 to visit me finally, at the end of last month. It was really nice to see them both – A1 is still cute as ever, and J@{ was pretty adorable as well.

We had talked about them swimming in my pool, but J@{ didn’t want to stay that late, so we put off that idea until a time when they can visit on a weekend, and stay longer.

Instead, I showed them my apartment, and then we went to Houlihan’s for dinner. Overall, I had a really nice time – it was great to see A1, and J@{ and I got along fairly well. The only snag was when I asked why I wasn’t allowed to visit their house, and she confirmed that N@7 doesn’t like me – no surprise, really, since you generally don’t secretly knock up the girlfriends of people you like. Still, I’ve been willing to put aside my distaste of him, and I would hope that after the mindfuck he dropped on my life, he’d be willing to do the same, if not apologize for his part in this fiasco. Still, that is apparently too much to ask, so I guess it’ll be a while before I see A1’s new home. As long as J@{ brings A1 up here to see me, I suppose that’s just fine.

Not a Ringwraith

Which Ringwraith are You?

By Lisa

Friday, June 24, 2005

Testes, testes... 1... 2.... 3?

Testing this whole "post by email" business.  Let's see if this works...
-- Taka

"I am government man, come from the government. The government has sent me." -- GIR, Invader Zim

Monday, June 06, 2005

Birthday Weekend

Well, I didn’t get to see A7 on my birthday, because J@} says he was sick, but with luck we’ll get to reschedule soon. I had a pretty good birthday otherwise – depression marred some of it, but a few of my friends showed up to help me try to have a good time anyway, and overall they did a pretty good job. Friday and Saturday night I went out to different clubs with E- and J{R0 and had a good time there, and Saturday afternoon C@-0 came over to hang out a bit, which was nice. B@ came into town Sunday, but I was really feeling wretched and couldn’t bring myself to leave my apartment, so I stayed in and slept ‘til I felt better, and then finally headed out with J{R0 to drown my sorrows in a Portobello sandwich and a quick pop into a fetish party to see Moth. Then J{R0 bought be a replacement DVD player for my birthday (my old one got stolen), and after a lot of fighting with cords, we settled in and watched Buffy. A nice end to a very up-and-down weekend.


I am Godless! I couldn’t care less about religion. As far as I’m concerned, if I can't see, touch and kick something, it's not real to me. My day-to-day activities consist of eating, working, sleeping and the occasional Internet or coffee shop debate. Lastly, if anyone chooses to preach at me otherwise, I will either leave or debate them until they finally shut up.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Family Drama, and Margaret Cho

Well, yesterday sucked. I got to see Margaret Cho, which was wonderful as always, but before that – major suckage.

I worked from 2 AM to 10:30 AM, which is forever a dream. When I got home I had trouble sleeping, thanks to all the stress this week. At 12:30 PM J@} called, to give me an update on things. Apparently, N@+ basically lives there now, and he already has A7 calling him "Daddy." I have been relegated to "Old Dad" by A7, who sounds confused on what to call me in light of the new status quo. J@} said that A7 cried when she told him, oops, she made a mistake, and that N@+ is actually his daddy. A7 asked if that meant I didn’t get to see him anymore. B^(

Luckily, it doesn’t, but since it seems that N@+ and she are (back to?) dating already, and certainly plan to when they move in together, it’s going to be a much more awkward and sudden a transition than I’d originally anticipated. N@+’s understandably anxious to start making up for five missed years of fatherhood, but that pretty much means that *my* five years of devotion, love, and support feel mostly out the window – I’ll just be informed of decisions from now on, and I can visit him the same as I would any other couple’s kid… although J@} is going out of her way to ask that N@+ at least sleep somewhere else on A7’s birthday next week, so I can come down and see A7 without having to deal with his “new” dad. Sweet of her, I know.

J@} said she’s dropping out of school, since all of this is too much to deal with and classes, too, and I guess she’ll be supporting N@+ ‘til he gets his degree, and then he’s supposed to support her until she gets her degree. It’ll be nice to have A7 (and J@}) so close physically, but with N@+ there, it’ll be a little icky and uncomfortable at first. I’ll have to suck it up if I want to see A7, but after J@}’s initial slew of sincere apologies, I’m really feeling shoved aside. I hope it’s just because of newness and stress – I’d hate to think I’m really going to be tossed aside this cavalierly after being A7’s dad for five years. I’ve made A7 my top priority as far as financial support, holidays, job choices, vacation time, weekends, etc, and now I’m feeling like I’m getting an, “Ooops. Never mind. N@+’s the dad now. Catch ya later!” from the new ‘nuclear family.’

So, anyway, after/while dealing with all this, I tried to get a little sleep so I could enjoy the Margaret Cho performance last night. J{R0 came over after work, and snuggled with me, which did help me finally stop tossing and turning. However, it meant that I was in full-on zonk mode by the time the alarm went off at 5:15 PM. I tried to struggle out of bed, but I was cranky, tired, and already running late when E- called at 6:50 PM. She asked if I was going to see Margaret Cho, and I told her yes.

She immediately started into me about the fact that originally, months ago, I’d planned to go with her, and whichever of our friends we wanted to invite along. Of course, since then, she decided she hates me, and for a while she wasn’t even talking to me. So, when I got tickets, I just got them for J{R0, L!I~ and me, since that’s all I could afford. I felt bad not inviting other friends who I know would have loved to go, but I’ve had so much pressure lately that I just didn’t feel up for coordinating a group of 20, and trying to scare up the cash to get a dozen seats together (“I’ll pay you back you later” seldom seems to materialize). I figured I’d just personally bring along a couple of my Indy friends, and E- could bring along her friends separately, and maybe if she and I were talking by then, afterward we could all go out for subversive pie.

This, of course, wasn’t good enough for E-. Even though she hadn’t bothered to ask me my Cho plans until an hour before the performance, according to E-, when I ordered the tickets I should have called her and asked if she still wanted to go, even though at the time she wasn’t even talking to me. And, when the performance approached, I should have called her and invited her to join us, even though it was too late to get seats together, and she’d have wound up by herself (or with other late-goers) anyway.

E- and I had kind of developed a sort of truce since the bottom fell out of my entire identity as A7’s father, but it seems that good will lasted a grand total of two days, because by last night E- was laying into me again, and expecting me to beg and grovel for her forgiveness about something that frankly, compared to all the other shit in my life right now, I really didn’t care. So, after establishing herself as the most self-centered bitch in the universe, she finally hung up on me, and J{R0, L!I~ and I finally made it to the show, which was awesome enough to make up for all the other crap I’d had to put up with last night.

Splendid Margaret Cho actually made me laugh and smile again, which was both necessary and wonderful.

I’m a love-sick human being.
Someone really did a
number on my heart.

(brought to you by Quizilla)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Hey! I created this a while back, because my friend A~ has one, but I never did anything with it, and the one post I made about getting this blog I never actually published. So, since my gorgeous babymomma just got a blog, I decided to try again, this time with actually published posts. Like her, I don't know if this time I'll actually keep up on it, but who knows -- it could happen! In the meantime, I'll waste time with quiz results. B^)

Hi, J@}!

== Taka

1. Secular Humanism (100%)
2. Unitarian Universalism (92%)
3. Liberal Quakers (78%)
4. Theravada Buddhism (73%)
5. Non-theist (72%)
6. Neo-Pagan (65%)
7. Mainline - Liberal Christian Protestants (63%)
8. New Age (54%)
9. Taoism (52%)