Wednesday, January 19, 2000

The Real Me

Well, if you don't know already, I'm an Italian Polish Irishman, born in New York City, and raised (not reared) all over the place, but mostly here in good ol' Indianer, home of incest, animal husbandry, and sometimes a bizarre combination of the two.

I'm currently a grad student at Ball State University, a loser school for drunkards (where I, as a teetotaller, fit RIGHT in). I completed Bachelor of Arts in Psychology here, with official minors in Japanese and Sociology, and unofficial minors in gender studies and chemistry, and so far it has done diddly in getting me a real job. ^_^


One of the greatest things that's ever happened to me (besides the love of some very good friends) is the trip I took to Asia. I moved my little notes about it to its own little page, which may eventually have pictures, journals, etc, depending on how much free time I can find. ^_^


As for hobbies, besides wasting my time on these pages, I like to MU* when I can find the time. At Beast Wars II, I play Scales, a Predacon lawyer. What could be lower than that? On Transformers 2005 I play Melinda Lossman, Dead End, Dealiticus the Quintesson, and my favourite (but, unfortunately, least played character, Benin-Jeri. On Genesis I play Headlight, Kinzokutaka, and, occasionally, Metalhawk, when Rogue's on. ^_^ On Transformers Exodus, I play a Bot named Postal, who's generally an easy-going guy, but can snap if you push him. ^_^ On Lost Years I play a Decepticon warrior named Valour; he's a heroic Decepticon, which I make a bit different than your average Decepticon stereotype. At TransFormers Universe I play a Weatherbot named Typhoon, and have an admin character, simply named Brian. Occasionally, when I'm feeling REALLY adventurous, I like to role-play face-to-face, running adventures in the Storyteller system usually, with occasional breaks for CyberSpace, Paranoia, Marvel SuperHeroes, or whatever. My friend Mira runs Storyteller games, too; RIFTS and Star Wars are Mars's specialty.

Another hobby that eats away at my time an soul is my "underground" zine, RIP Off Magazine, now available on-line *woohoo!* ^_^.