Friday, December 30, 2005

So this is Christmas

Alas, my Christmas was pretty interesting. J3R0 and I had stayed up really late the night before, and so we wound up sleeping in pretty late on Sunday. I’d misplaced my cell phone, and didn’t find it until about 3 PM – along with a lot of missed calls, and a snippy “some communication would be nice” text message from my sister. Oops.

J3R0 and I went ahead and got ready, and I waited to call my sister ‘til I was actually on the road – I didn’t want to tell her we were on my way until I was sure there actually wouldn’t be any more delays.

We got to Cincinnati around six, and mom had called to ask if we could pick up chicken – not a good sign, since she’d promised a big Christmas dinner, and it was obvious as we hit town that not only was it not ready, but she hadn’t even picked up the ingredients.

When we got there, C#H_ was livid, and mom was crazy and manic, as usual. There was no Christmas dinner, which was my fault because I hadn’t given them a better ETA… apparently “Christmas around dinnertime” plus two-hour’s notice wasn’t enough for them to adjust at all. Luckily, C#H_ saved things by going out and getting ingredients for a yummy spaghetti dinner, although it was still embarrassing to have my mother turning off the CD to sing to J3R0, and taking her aside whenever Mom managed to divert my attention. I set up Mom’s cell phone to get her off my back about it, and that at least gave us some peace while she called and bugged other people. Finally, she wandered back to the pub (from where C#H_ had to retrieve her earlier in the evening already), and J3R0 and I had some quiet time to hang out with C#H_, who had finally calmed down. It was nice to see C#H_, and to have J3R0 on the ride there and back, but otherwise it was a disaster. At least I got some nice presents from C#H_ out of the deal. B^)

"It's been a fabulous year for Laura and me."
-- George W. Bush, three months after the World Trade Center towers went down