Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Week

Monday at work Damcza, our new Cobra Commander on the <a>Transformers Universe MUX</a> emailed me and asked if he could talk with me about MUX stuff. I told him I'd be on after work, and when I logged on we discussed ways to speed up the application process for new players. I wound up spending all night talking with him and doing admin stuff, and while the night wasn't fun <i>per se</i>, it was pleasantly productive, and I got to talk with Damcza about a lot of things about which I was concerned. After MUXing I snuggled with Jero and watched the last episode of the previous season's <i>House M.D.</i> before snuggling and falling asleep.

Tuesday night my plans had gotten cancelled, so I decided to make it a productivity night and catch up with journaling, etc. Ke saw that I was free, and invited me over to eat after work. She had a coupon for Max & Erma's, which she hadn't been to before, so we went there for yummy sammiches before heading back to Ke's so I could journal and she could write her paper for English class. Ke was a lot more productive than I – she got her paper done, but I got sucked into <a href=>OKCupid</a> and didn't get much journaling done. We took a break to run to Meijer for cat litter and ice cream (yum!), and then settled on the couch to watch an episode of <i>Star Trek: Deep Space Nine</i>. By the time that was over, it was getting late, so we shut down our laptops, and headed to bed.

Wednesday night after work I met up with Kave, since it was her birthday. I took her out to eat at Ruby Tuesday's, and then we went back to her apartment to watch a couple of episodes of <I>Red Dwarf</>. She wound up falling asleep during the second episode we were watching, so afterward we got undressed for bed and I wound up cuddling and sleeping over. I thought I might have to leave since Caro got stranded at the airport, but S( came up to get her so all was OK. I slept until ten AM, and then dragged myself out of her bed and off to Jero's for Thanksgiving.

Thursday morning when I got to Jero's, I brought her breakfast in bed from Hardee's, and then we cuddled and went back to sleep. Jero had suggested pouncing, but I was still sleepy, so we napped instead. Even after we woke back up, we continued to cuddle. It was very pleasant to have a day we could huddle up and sleep. When we did get up, Jero made a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner for the two of us, and then we hung out and played on our laptops until it was time for bed. We cuddled and watched <I>Supernatural</i> before drifting off to sleep.

This morning Jero and I slept in, and then got up and went to the comic store for geeky four-color goodness. We had an incredibly late breakfast at Bob Evans, where I got Jero a cute Beanie Baby penguin. We intended to go pick up my glasses today, but I couldn't get anyone at my eye doctor's to answer, so I figured they were either closed, or too busy to bother with. Giving up on productivity, we headed back to Jero's to snuggle and watch more <I>Supernatural</i> until Ke was ready for me to come over. Now I'm at Ke's, taking a break with her before she goes back to cleaning for Mira's weekend visit.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Last Week

Oy, last week was a busy, stressful week, though it did end very well.

Last Monday I had off work, and Jero wasn't feeling that great, so she took the day off as well. I wanted to be productive, but Jero made sure "productive" wasn't just another day of doing laundry and fucking around on the computer. Jero went with me to the bank, where I discovered my credit has recovered a bit thanks to my efforts to be better about paying everything on time (yay online bill pay!). I opened another savings account, and got a credit card again for the first time in ages. After that we went to Jero's to watch Heroes and MUX. Productive and fun.

Tuesday Jero, Ke and I were planning to go over to Erro's to clean up her apartment after the fire, but they hadn't finished their inspection yet, so we weren't able to get in. Instead, Ke and I hung out at Ke's house, and Ke made dinner. We had a pleasant evening watching Deep Space Nine and snuggling. I tried to get a little journaling done on my laptop, but Ke and Star Trek were pleasantly distracting, so I just took the night to relax and unwind.

Unfortunately, that good mood was ruined Wednesday by a crappy, stressful day at work. By the time I was able to run away, I just wanted to be alone to decompress. I spent the evening by myself in my apartment (which is rare and was rejuvenating), and did a lot of laundry and eventually some journaling (once I escaped the distracting lure of instant messenger). I didn't get as much done as I wanted to, but an evening for just me was good on its own.

I thought I might have Thursday for more solo productivity, but first Ke lured me out for dinner at Jimmy Johns, and then Jero asked me to come over to her house to keep her company after her "off-site meeting" at B-Dubs. I brought my laptop, but again was distracted by a cute woman and a TV show – this time, the season premiere of ER. It's been a long while since I watched ER on any sort of regular basis, but it was a good episode nonetheless.

Friday after work I went to Illinois to meet up with Amsc and go see Weird Al. The show was awesomely entertaining, as always, and I bought a "Weird Al Is My Homeboy" T-shirt, which amuses me at least. Amsc and I celebrated our six-month anniversary, which made the night even better. (Yes, our romantic anniversary plans involved Weird Al. Shut up! *grin*) After the show we went back to Amsc's and hung out with her housemate for a bit before heading to bed.

Alas, I had to work early Saturday morning, so I had to leave Amsc's by six to get back to Indy. Work sucked again, and I was stuck there for an extra half hour catching up on trouble tickets before I could head down to Bloomington to meet Chhu at Jalyru's to belatedly celebrate Chhu's birthday. Jalyru's friend J031 made a fantastic dinner, and then we played Midlife Crisis (happy birthday, Chhu!) and DDRd 'til Chhu and Jalyru's lungs were ready to give out.

Sunday I hung out with Chhu, Jalyru, and J031 some more. J031 had to go to a work meeting, so we dropped him off for an hour or so, then picked him up and had lunch before returning to Jalyru's. I was supposed to head up to Valparaiso to visit Juho, but I wound up hanging out too long in Bloomington and by the time I was ready to leave it was too late to go see her. Juho and I are getting together in two weeks for Eroticon, though, so it's cool for now, and it was worth it to have more time with Chhu and Jalyru.

Yesterday I had off work. Mira came over for lunch, and we snuggled and talked about her date this weekend with Ke. When she had to leave for dinner date with B!1, I went over to Jero's and she made a yummy meal for me before we got onto the MUX. We had a MUX meeting that was very fruitful, and we've jumpstarted a lot of plots that have been dormant or in the works for quite some time. We're having another meeting in two weeks to follow up. Geeky fun!


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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Week in Review

This week was another one that was somewhat busy and quiet at the same time. On Monday I went over to Jero’s to MUX, and had a good time even though I missed the end of Hawk’s TP. People have been bugging me to end my Headman TP, so I’ll have to pick a day this week to run that with a few of my admin and our players. I plan to be on this Monday, and another day this week.

Tuesday I actually had no plans, which was bizarre, although good because I was still getting over being sick. Though I haven’t been contagious since Monday morning, my allergies have been trying to kill me all week. Since I’ve felt miserable, I just stayed home and got a few things done. I’ve been trying to read the Harry Potter books before I’m completely spoiled, so I read a bit, worked on journaling a bit, and otherwise just rested and drank a lot of tea.

Wednesday after work Jero picked me up and we went over to E{ and Mars’s. E{ and Mars are cleaning out one of their rooms and offered to give me one of their TVs, which I thought might look good in my living room. While we were there we got to play a fun card game that Mars had demo’d at GenCon that Jero and I had been interested in, and discovered it is rather entertaining. It might have to become a stable of future game days.

Thursday morning I got a message from my sister that my mom is manic again, and Chhu had to call emergency psyche services and spend two hours convincing Mom to commit herself. That night Jero offered to feed me if I was interested after work. We met at IHOP and she bought me dinner. I told her I’d just be playing around on the computer again if she wanted to hang out, and so she came over after we finished eating. I had planned on working on the Dungeons & Dragons campaign I’m running for Jobe, Mars, and her, but I started looking for a magazine and we wound up spending all night cleaning.

Friday I was still feeling sickly from allergies and stressed over the situation with my mother. Amsc was planning to come see me, but she wasn’t feeling well, either, so she floated the idea of rescheduling. Still, we mutually decided to get together anyway, and just accept that neither of us was going to be at our best. I ordered pizza online, and it arrived the same time she did. We ate pizza, watched The Ref and snuggled, and overall it was a very pleasant, quiet night. I didn’t sleep well Friday night because of my allergies, but it was good having a cuddly woman in my bed, even if I was feeling too crappy to really enjoy the opportunity.

Saturday Amsc and I got to sleep very late, which was wonderful. We went to Le Peep for breakfast, and then went to see Stardust at the theatre, which I rather enjoyed. Amsc headed back to Illinois around seven so I could get together with Nada, but then Nada cancelled. I wound up with another night to myself, which I mostly squandered relaxing.

Tonight I plan to hang out with Ke. We’d talked about attending the sky concert here in Indy, but then we found out it was Saturday night instead of Sunday, and neither of us felt like venturing out last night. Ke’s not feeling that great, either, so tonight will probably be another low-key night of hanging out and feeling like crap together. Not exactly the ideal four-day-weekend activity, but it’s probably good I didn’t make huge plans if I feel this lousy.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007


I had a very nice night last night in Bloomington with Caro. I went down to see her after work, and helped her truck stuff out to a multi-family garage sale. Caro is moving to Minnesota in a few months (*sob*), and she’s starting the delicate getting-rid-of-crap process now (had to act fast to save the meerkat I’d bought her a while back). After dropping off her stuff and helping set up a bit, we went out to Borders and bought a few DVDs. I picked up the second season of The Venture Bros. for me, and got The Silence of Sleep for her.

We went back to her house and dug some tables out of her storage room for the garage sale, a task that looked daunting but actually wasn’t that bad. We then snuggled and watched The Silence of Sleep while she knitted. Needing to explore the experience of sleep by the time the (very interesting) movie was over, we headed to bed to cuddle and snooze. This morning came far too soon.

Work sucked today, of course, and ruined the excellent mood hanging out with Caro had put me in. Also, looking at my calendar reminded me again that yesterday was A1’s birthday, and although I passed along birthday greetings and heard he had a good time, it’s still weird to no longer be that involved in his life. With luck Jaru and I can get together soon so I can see him. I miss hanging out with them both.

Luckily, Jero came by today and visited me for lunch, which lifted my spirits. The second half of work was a little less frenetic, except, of course, when I tried to get on the phone to make plans with Ra. We finally worked out a plan for a post-Memorial Day visit, and then I found out that since I’m the last person here on Saturday, there’s a bunch of extra crap I’m supposed to do. It’s a big hassle, however, and it’s not working, so I’m giving it another try, and then I’m leaving.

Tonight I’m hanging out with Ke, and starting her birthday weekend celebration. We’re going to the club tonight, and then tomorrow I believe we’re laying around all day being lazy, which sounds very, very nice. Knowing us, we’ll probably watch Star Trek. Ah, geek love. Her actual birthday is Tuesday, but we’re getting started early on a weekend so we can actually sleep in for a chance.

Ah, well. Almost six. I’m outta here. Have a great weekend, all!

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Friday, March 16, 2007


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Monday, January 22, 2007


My weekend turned out very nice.

Friday I hung out with A13 and Jalyru, which was good, although I hung out way too late talking while Jalyru burned CDs for me. Saturday Jero and I went to a party in Bloomington. We got to hang out with Caro there and meet one of her other boyfriends, G-. Sunday Mira came to visit from Evansville, and after having dinner with Jero and me, spent the night. We stayed up cuddling and watching Beast Wars. So, lots of entertaining snuggling and social activities this past weekend.

And, apparently, there was some kind of football game...? >B^)

Tonight I'm having dinner with Ke, and then going over to Jero's to MUX. Should be geeky fun.

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-- Brian J. Steinberg, family law attorney in Las Vegas, on the whirlwind marriage-to-annulment caper of Britney Spears and Jason Allen Alexander. The marriage lasted 55 hours. (San Jose Mercury News, Jan. 6)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Weekend Plans

Had a pretty productive day yesterday. It was my day off, so I went to the dentist. We talked and decided that I’m going to need that second root canal after all, which sucks. I’m broke, so Jero has been nice enough to offer to lend me cash if I need to pay for the first root canal before I can get the second one – otherwise, I won’t be able to get my second crown installed until probably May at the earliest. Between car maintenance and my teeth, I’m completely broke. Luckily, I got paid this morning, so at least I have pretend money until it all goes out for bills.

Tonight should be fun, though, because I get to see A13 and muppetofthenight. I get off work in half an hour, and then I’m driving down to Bloomington. I have to be back up in Indy for work tomorrow, so I’ll presumably drive back tonight. Then, tomorrow, back down to Bloomington for a party. Then, Sunday, Mira might visit on the way back from Cincinnati. Busy busy, but fun. Have a good weekend, all!

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