Thursday, July 07, 2005


J@{ brought A1 to visit me finally, at the end of last month. It was really nice to see them both – A1 is still cute as ever, and J@{ was pretty adorable as well.

We had talked about them swimming in my pool, but J@{ didn’t want to stay that late, so we put off that idea until a time when they can visit on a weekend, and stay longer.

Instead, I showed them my apartment, and then we went to Houlihan’s for dinner. Overall, I had a really nice time – it was great to see A1, and J@{ and I got along fairly well. The only snag was when I asked why I wasn’t allowed to visit their house, and she confirmed that N@7 doesn’t like me – no surprise, really, since you generally don’t secretly knock up the girlfriends of people you like. Still, I’ve been willing to put aside my distaste of him, and I would hope that after the mindfuck he dropped on my life, he’d be willing to do the same, if not apologize for his part in this fiasco. Still, that is apparently too much to ask, so I guess it’ll be a while before I see A1’s new home. As long as J@{ brings A1 up here to see me, I suppose that’s just fine.

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