Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Therapy 2011.05.18

Tonight’s my date night with Nivagi, but I’m MUXing while she crafts. She was feeling amorous earlier, but my depression got in the way and eventually she got up in annoyance. We ordered pizza, and everything is fine now, but it still sucks that I can’t be happy when I finally see someone I’ve been missing for days. I was having this problem this weekend as well, while celebrating my seven-year anniversary with Jero. I had every reason to be happy, but by Monday night I was miserable for no real reason.

It might be time for medication. While the problems in my life haven’t really improved, they’ve at least stabilized and I’m getting used to the new status quo. However, overall I’m not feeling any better. Concerns about my relationships, and the future, are stressing me out, as well the constant scheduling woes. Nivagi says I have an Eeyore cloud. However, even when I’m not thinking about my problems, or things seem to be going well, I still randomly feel like crap, and my good moods are very fragile.

My counselor did give me a list of people I could talk to for assessment for medication, so I plan to call them soon. I do hope it helps.