Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Well, Biodad and J@{ broke up. I feel bad for her, although I’m not sure how I feel about the situation in general. I’m hoping it doesn’t bode ill for the child support issues, since I’m just about ready to finally send in the paperwork (nine months later…) to end paying for A1, and that last thing I need is last-minute complications. According to her MySpace-mail, it was an amicable breakup, so with luck they won’t have any co-parenting issues, and maybe J@{ will have a little more freedom again to be herself, which seemed a little quashed there for a while. Guess I’ll just wish them the best, and try to get through the appropriate paperwork and court date as soon as possible, before anything else changes.

Bush: "Compassionate" Conservative
• $300 million – Amount cut in December 2002 from the federal program that provides subsidies to poor families so they can heat their homes during the winter.