Thursday, July 08, 1999

My Trips to Asia

By now, I've gotten to go to Asia twice. Yay! 8) This page mostly deals with the first trip. I'll get pictures and scans from both trips up ASAP. 8)

I got to go to China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan. While there, I met such cool cats as the wonderful Mrs. Cheng, Tang Xin Yue, Liang Shu Ji, Hu Yan Hong and Yu Liang in Shanghai; the very cute Jiang Yanli and Duan Yan-Ping in Wu Han; the unforgettable Kwak Min Jeong in Korea; the incredible Yasutake family, Tankei Sachiko, and Yane Satome, tour goddess, and Tomo and Yumi in Nagoya; and of course Masayuki, Matchi, Miki, Aya, Ayako, Etsuko, Reiko, Shizuka, Tomonori, and Maho in To'kyo' (Did I leave anybody out? 8) ).

Thank you, everybody in Asia, for showing me such a wonderful time, and thank you especially, Yoon, for hosting me again in Boston!
Naanun naurl saranghe!

Tomo just came over to visit me in Muncie, so I'll post pictures here as soon as I have time to scan them...