Friday, September 10, 2010

MUX Night – 2010.09.09

Last night after work I stopped at Noodles & Co. to pick up food for
Ke and Mira.  When I got to Ke's she was asleep, so I put her food in
the kitchen while Mira and I ate.  Ke was recovering from a medical
procedure earlier in the day, so we let her sleep and I logged onto
the MUX while Mira watched Project Runway.

Several players were on, so I got to run a small scene with Buster,
Daniel, Sparkplug and Spike Witwicky, as well as a battle between
Deathsarus and Mal-Feasance on the Nemesis in the Shattered Glass
universe, during which Jetfire and Trailbreaker managed to escape.
Fun night!

Stsm came over to bring Ke get-well balloons and elephant-ear-flavored
marshmallows (Ke like cinnamon), and Nivagi came home soon after.  We
hung out in Ke's living room and watched bad fashion reality TV until
it was time for Stsm to head home and the rest of us to go to bed
(except Nivagi, who had homework).

I'm not sure how much help I was looking after Ke after her procedure,
but she took care of me after I was fixed, so I wanted to be there for
her in case she needed me.  It was very nice to have a pleasant quiet
evening with my girlfriends and even get some MUXing in.  Tonight I'm
going to see Ke again, and I'm sure it will be another lovely, low-key
affair.  It sounds perfect.

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