Friday, December 11, 2009

MUX Thursday

Last night I stayed home and schedule another MUX night, since the MUX was down Monday. Unfortunately, by Thursday we still hadn’t gotten out DB back from, so at first we MUX exiles met up at temporary refuges set up by helpful players, until we realized our MUX was still set up at its old location at Its DB was out of date and missing anything we’ve added in the last six months, but it had the basic grid and characters so we were happy.

Dean logged on and we all welcomed him back to the MUX (and the country!) and then Bludd and I rebuild a tiny mirror universe so we could continue the Shattered Glass TP while we waited to get our new DB back. I got to play a stirring scene of Father Cobra welcoming Bludd to Cobra officially, as well as an amusing scene between Evil Growler and Dark Typhoon. For not having our real MUX, I wound up having a very pleasant evening of MUXing after all.

Another nice aspect of last night is that Stsm called to tell me she’d resolved a long-running tension with her best friend, who happens to be the younger sister of an ex-girlfriend of mine. Since Stsm started dating me, she’d been wanting to share her joy with her best friend, but that friend hasn’t wanted to hear it since she’d afraid that Stsm will get hurt in a similar breakup to what I had with my ex. Apparently Stsm got things resolved now and is free to share her happiness with her BFF again.

A great night all ‘round!

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