Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Weekend Update 2009.11.24

Saturday I got a pleasant surprise – A1@, who I haven’t had a chance to hang out since early 2008, was unexpectedly free after work. Pouncing on the rare opportunity, I picked her up after work and we went to Gallagher's Pizza to hang out and catch up. We wound up talking for six hours, catching up and telling stories of our misspent youth. It was a great time, and I’m hoping next time it might be only maybe six months ‘til we can do it again.

Sunday morning I slept late at Jero’s. I got up only when it was time for me to go to derby practice. Sunday’s practice was the hardest so far, and I was reminded I need to work on my lung capacity if I’m going to be doing athletic activities. After practice we had a meeting for the men’s league and discussed the first season of the Race City Rebels. It looks like if I get my skills up to par I’ll be skating with them after all. After the meeting I stopped by Nivagi’s for dinner, and then went to spend the night at Jero’s.

Monday I had off work since I’m on a Tuesday through Saturday shift, so I hung out at Jero’s house and journalled while she went into the office. When she got off work we went out to dinner and then I got onto the MUX. I had an interesting time playing both Good and Bad Buster at the same time in different windows with Good and Bad Spike. I also got in some other fun RP with Carly, Deadline and Temera, and look forward to getting back on the MUX tonight.

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