Friday, October 02, 2009

Week in Review – Week of September 27th – October 3rd

This week was better than the last, if only because I’m a little less depressed. I’m still powerfully sleepy all the time, which seems to be more of a chemical thing than a lack of rest, but today at least I seem to be coming out of it. I have a quiet weekend planned, and then next week I move to a day schedule for the rest of the month, which should let me get out more since I won’t be at work until 10:15 PM. Who knows what craziness might be in store beneath the seldom-seen day ball.

Sunday Jero and I slept late following her bout Saturday night. When we did rouse ourselves we got a late brunch and then each of us went down to Bloomington – Jero to derby practice and me to pick up Caro. Caro and I had dinner at Sushi Bar and then I drove her to the airport so she could head back to Minnesota. I met up with Ke and Nivagi at their house and MUXed while Nivagi did laundry and errands. After we tucked Ke into bed Nivagi and I watched the season premiere of Dollhouse before snuggling up to sleep.

Monday morning I called and moved around some vacation days so I could go see Caro for our anniversary. Work was insanely busy during the afternoon, typical for a Monday, but quieted down in the evening. After work I went to Jero’s, where she made us food. Mira joined us on the MUX for the first time in ages, which made me happy – I’m hoping it will become a regular occurrence. I role-played some and stayed up way too late setting things up for the upcoming Shattered Glass TP I plan to run there soon – with luck, starting next week.

Tuesday morning I was awakened to the sounds of construction, since people were stripping out and rebuilding the interior of Jero’s garage. After work I went to Ke’s where she had made us beet soup. It sounded less-than-appetizing, but since it was basically just vegetable soup with cooked (non-pickled) beets in it, after Nivagi got done spicing it the result was actually quite tasty. I popped onto the MUX while Ke was busy on her laptop but then logged off to join her when she went to bed.

Wednesday was Ke and Mira’s anniversary, so that morning Ke called Mira to say Hello and wish her a happy day. Ke and I then went to Paragon for breakfast. After work I went back over to Ke and Nivagi’s to hang out with Nivagi. After a trip to Denny’s for dinner we cuddled up and watched the last episode of season four of Buffy. She and I are both feeling a little better, so it was good to be able to hang out without both of us being mopey.

Thursday morning Nivagi had to leave earlier than I, so I had a little time to pop onto the MUX and build some of the mirror world before heading in to the office. After work Stsm came over. We lay on my bed and caught up with each other’s lives before snuggling up to watch Mad Men. Stsm fell asleep about five minutes after we started the DVD, but since she’d seen them already I just let her sleep while I watched first season episodes four and five.

This morning Stsm had an early meeting, so she let me sleep in while she took off. I got up and showered, and when Stsm returned she brought us breakfast in bed. We ate then cuddled back up to watch her favorite episodeof Mad Men before I had to leave. Work was awful, being the first Friday of the month, but I did manage to at least finish all of my cuts before ten.

This weekend I’m spending with Ke and Nivagi. We’d discussed going to Metamora Canal Days with Tibere, but Tibere got into a car accident and is in the hospital. Instead, we’ll probably just check out the Fishers Ren Faire and otherwise just take things easy. Since I’m an obsessive freak I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to pop onto the MUX at some point and get some more work done, but if not I can always get to it Monday after Jero and I go see Whip It. Have a good weekend, all!

“Giraffe! Corner pocket!”
-- Alex the Lion, Madagascar

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