Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week in Review – Week of October 18th - 24th

This week I started to feel better after a month of feeling emotionally crappy most of the time. Seeing Caro helped, as did hanging out with people close to me here in town. I took advantage of one of my vacation days to hide out with Jero and watch The Big Bang Theory, and used my last week of early shifts this month to go out to places I normally can’t because of my until-10 PM shift. I’m starting to adjust to my new relationship paradigm and hope to be able to focus more on my local affairs and fret less about relationships outside of my control. I’m still depressed, but this weekend Mira is coming into town, so it will be great to see her while she’s here.

Sunday I tried to sleep in, but I woke up around 6 AM and was unable to doze back off. At last I dozed off a couple of hours later, and when I woke up again Caro was already up, checking her email. I got up and showered, and then the two of us met a bunch of her friends for brunch at a very good dim sum restaurant. After brunch we stopped at a bookstore and then went back to Caro’s house to watch The Big Bang Theory and snuggle before I had to go to the airport and catch my plane back to Indianapolis. While waiting for my flight I talked to Mira and Ke on the phone, and when I got back to Indy Jero picked me up and we went back to her house to sleep.

Monday I’d intended to go to work, but Jero wasn’t feeling well and decided to stay home, so I decided to play hooky as well. We spent all day in bed watching season two of The Big Bang Theory, which frankly was wonderful. We ventured out long enough to grab a drive-thru lunch, and then returned to bed to watch more TBBT. When we finally ventured out again we had dinner and then returned to Jero’s to get on the MUX. I wound playing about ten different characters, which was crazy-hectic but a lot of fun. I didn’t get everything done I’d intended to do, but I got to chat with Mira and role-play with Jero so I was happy.

Tuesday I returned to work after my five-day mini-vacation. It was busy, but not too bad after a nice break from the daily grind. My boss came by for an observation, so I got to get off the phones for a while to explain to him what I was doing on a batch of P-Set/DID orders I’d pulled down but was having a hard time with because of the phones. After work I went over to Ke and Nivagi’s and the three of us went to A Passage to India for dinner. After we ate we went back to Ke’s for a hot night of checking our credit reports and playing on our laptops. I popped onto the MUX to check a few things, and then eventually joined Ke in bed.

Wednesday night I grabbed food on the way home, put some laundry in the washer, and then got on the MUX. I had a busy night: Typhoon got checked out by Good Spike, Bad Spike got his ass kicked by Cain, Stalker reported into Flint about Twilight, Blaster asked Turborat about his missing Timey Whimy Ball, Red Alert cleared Rat to leave security, Alpha Trion advised Dust Devil on an offer from Cuffs, and Professor Arkeville had a run-in with Deadline and SG Snake-Eyes. And those were just the scenes of which I was personally a part! I was a very hectic night, but entertaining. When I got off the MUX I checked the Internets briefly and then went to bed.

Thursday I was sleepy after staying up far too late MUXing the night before. I got through the day with silos of coffee and short naps at work. After work I met Stsm at my apartment and we went back to A Passage to India for dinner. When we got back to my apartment we snuggled up and somehow I wound up telling her the long, rambling tale of my dating life from Anbepa forward. Stsm seemed amused and entertained, and eventually treated me to some highlights from her own life. We stayed up so late talking we never did get around to watching Mad Men, but our conversation was every bit as engaging.

Friday sucked. Work was incredibly annoying and busy, and not getting enough sleep didn’t help. After work I did get to talk to Ra on the way home, which was very pleasant. Jero and Ke wanted milkshakes, so I grabbed food and shakes and ate at Jero’s while catch up with her about her day. I then brought Ke her milkshake and we discussed whether or not we were going out to see Up as planned. None of us really felt in the mood to watch it, so we went out to Wal-Mart instead so Nivagi could pick up costume supplies for the party Saturday night. However, as soon as we pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot we heard the party was cancelled, so we just went back to Ke’s.

Today Ke and Nivagi had to work, so I went over to Jero’s for brunch and cuddles. We spent all day in bed snuggling and watching season two of The Big Bang Theory, which greatly improved my mood. At 6 I came back over to Ke’s to await Mira’s arrival for dinner. Since tonight’s party was cancelled, I’m not sure what’s we’ll get up to, but I’m sure we’ll enjoy her company no matter what. Jalyru made a tempting offer to go haunted-housing with her, but I think we’re just going to stay in town. Tomorrow I plan to run the next session of Mira’s World of Darkness campaign, so that should be a pleasant bit of geeky goodness.

“Who's the cat?”

-- Alex the Lion, Madagascar

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