Saturday, July 04, 2009

Week in Review – Week Ending July 4th

This has been another fine week. I started the week celebrating my two-year anniversary with Ke by snuggling with Mira and her. Since we got back to Indy I’ve gotten to see Jero and Nivagi, as well as having a night to myself. My cancer doc checkup went well, and Laat came to visit me Thursday during her work furlough. Now I’m in Chicago, spending the weekend with Caro. Woot!

Sunday morning Ke, Mira and I slept in a little before hunger drove us out of bed (and chair… Mira had gotten up during the night and moved to the comfy chair). Mira made us a yummy breakfast of eggies in a basket and strawberry muffins. We showered and snuggled all day, only getting back up for pizza before Ke and I had to head back to Indianapolis.

Monday morning Ke had to leave early for school, so I got up and went to get my car’s oil changed and coolant flushed. I made an appointment to follow up with my cancer doc for my regular checkup, and then went to get my blood drawn. After work I went to Jero’s and she made me food while I popped onto the MUX. Noone was active, so I logged off and Jero and I snuggled to watch Bones instead.

Tuesday morning I enjoyed copious snuggles with Jero before work. When I got there Mars gave me a job from S#0 that took me off the phones for a while, which helped me maintain my mood from that morning. After work I went home to try to be productive, and got to talk on the phone with Ra and over GTalk with Ke. I stayed up late re-reading text messages from 2008 in preparation for cleaning off my phone.

Wednesday morning Ke was feeling sickly, so I went over to her house to cuddle and have lunch with her before work. After work Nivagi came over in her new car (woot!) and brought burrito-makin’s. We made overstuffed burritos and ate in my bedroom. After I cleared the plates we cuddled together on the bed. We discussed going downstairs to work out, but Nivagi was really comfy and I was full from dinner. Instead we wound up passing out completely, lights on and everything.

Thursday morning I awoke with a start, wondering what time it was since I’d fallen asleep without setting an alarm. Luckily it was only 7 AM, so I set my alarm and went back to sleep. When we woke up Nivagi went with me to my cancer doctor appointment and then I went into work. After work Laat came down from Louisville to visit me, so we went out for a late dinner and then watched The Venture Bros.

Friday morning I saw Laat off and then went into work. It was very quiet. We had a skeleton crew, and I thought that meant we might get slammed, but instead it seemed like no one else was working that day either. They even let me leave two hours early. I drove up to Chicago to pick up Caro, and then we headed back to check into our hotel and pass out.

This morning Caro and I got up and ventured out for food, but otherwise we’re just hanging out in our hotel room, alternating snuggling and playing on our laptops. We might seek out someplace to watch fireworks tonight, but we’re not willing to deal with the crowds at Navy Pier so we hope to find someplace less over-inhabited. Knowing us, I’m sure we’ll find up getting sushi and hitting a bookstore. Geek love!

Happy Independence Day, Friends-list Americans!

"The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in time of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality." - Saint Thomas Aquinas

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