Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Alive and Almost Well

Not too much news. My allergies tried to kill me this weekend, and I wound up missing work yesterday, but today I’m back and feeling better. A wonder what the proper medicine can do to make you feel human again.

In spite of my sickliness, I had a nice weekend – I got to see A1 and J@R_, and J@R_’s friend M31@, who was in town as well. Monday J3R0 had a mini-cookout, and while I was feeling too rotten to help, I did enjoy the yummy food and lay around and watched House. Yesterday I went to the doctor and got better allergy medicine, so today I’m back at work. W00t.

"I asked for universal health care, and all I got were these bombs."
- handmade anti-Bush poster

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