Saturday, April 15, 2006

Child Support

*sigh* They’re still taking child support out of my check. I wonder who I have to bug now to get that taken care of…

Otherwise, my weekend is going OK. Had to work late last night because everyone else took off for Easter Weekend, and this morning I’m at work at 9:30 in the freakin’ morning. Joy.

Tonight I’m supposed to hang out with J3R0. We were going to go to St. Louis to visit her family, but she decided she didn’t want to drive, so now we’ll probably have dinner, go Krogering, and maybe visit a club. We’ll see.

Bush: Employment Record
• 2.4 million – Number of Americans who lost their jobs during the first two and half years of the Bush administration.
• 9 million – Number of workers unemployed as of September 2003.
• #1 – The administration is well on its way to being the first since Herbert Hoover's to preside over an overall loss of jobs during its complete term in office.

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