Friday, March 31, 2006

Court Date

Court went well yesterday -- for me, anyway. J@R_’s going to actually have to take care of the paternity issue, like I told her she would, which she’s not too happy about. I think she’d prefer to just have A1 as hers alone, but it’s a little too late for that now. At least my child support payments have been suspended, so maybe I can start to crawl slowly out of destitution now.

Dinner with Mom went OK. She’s depressed, which makes her a lot less annoying than when she’s manic, but also makes her kind of sad to hang out with. She didn’t complain when I had to leave to head back to Indy, but I could tell she wasn’t too happy about it, either. *sigh*

Today sucks, as only Fridays in this department can. I even have to work tomorrow, so I don’t even have the end-of-week joy to make it better. Thank Murphy for E-time – I’m leaving two hours early.

Bush: Loves to Travel
• 65 – Approximate number of fund-raisers attended in 2002.
• 0 – Number of trips taken to Afghanistan before waging war against that country.
• 0 – Number of trips taken to Iraq before waging war against that country.
• 0 – Number of funerals or memorials Bush has attended for soldiers killed in Iraq.

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