Saturday, October 09, 2010

Nivagi 2010.10.08

Last night I had a pleasant, if busy night, with Nivagi.  Work was
horrible, so I was happy to escape and have about an hour alone at
home before I had to venture back out.  I talked to Jero, Ke, and Mira
on the phone (they're already in Chicago), and then ran around my
apartment packing for the weekend.  Around 8 o'clock I packed up and
headed to Castleton to meet Nivagi at a costume shop after she got out
of class.

I got there just before it closed, and looked around, although I
didn't find anything perfect for either my Graverobber from Repo! or
my Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter costumes.  Nivagi bought a wig and
some accessories for her Goth baby doll costume, and then we went to
Perkins for a late dinner.  We talked about her plans for the weekend
– she plans to move out of Ke's today, and then go to a party.  I'll
be in Chicago.

Nivagi and I stopped by my apartment to pick up her phone and Mira's
hair straighter, and then we went to Ke's house to sleep.  I was
planning to help Nivagi pack, but it was already late and I had to get
up for work in the morning.  Instead I read her a bedtime story –
Thumbelina, a story of interspecies rape and sexual bondage (hey, I'm
not completely making that up – every creature Thumbelina meets wants
to force her to be his wife!).  At last we curled up and went to
sleep.  B)


"It's time to prove to your friends that you're worth a damn.
Sometimes that means dying, sometimes it means killing a whole lot of
people." - SIN CITY

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