Monday, April 26, 2010

Derby 2010.04.26

Saturday I had my first public scrimmage at the Rookie Rumble at Southland Skate Center. We were supposed to play a demonstration game for half an hour, but there were so few of us we cut it down to 15 minutes since we were all exhausted. While I usually enjoy scrimmaging, I didn’t skate well in the demonstration – I was completely shut down by another skater, who eventually even apologized to me.

I need to improve my skating ability before I skate again publically. This time I was skating against all new or returning skaters, and I still got completely pwn3d. If I’m going to compete in the Spring Roll against established teams next month (eep!), I need to improve vastly between now and then. I don’t mind losing so much, but it’s very frustrating to be completely ineffectual on the track.

Perhaps if we’d played longer I might eventually have had the chance to knock the opposing jammer out of bounds, or hit someone to help our jammer through. I don’t mind sucking overall if I can occasionally do something useful. However, if I’m going to continue being useless during bouts, I might be better off not going at all if we eventually get enough people where I’m not needed just as a warm body.

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