Saturday, January 24, 2009

Week in Review – January 24th

This week started off wonderfully! After a fun game night Saturday Ke, Mira and I spent all day in bed Sunday. I took advantage of the unstructured day to relax and take advantage of vast swaths of sleep and snuggles. Ke and Mira even made frozen pizzas so we wouldn’t have to leave my apartment until the wee hours Monday morning, when we finally headed into the cold in search of more Denny’s.

Monday I was supposed to go out of town, but my plans got rescheduled, so I spent the morning with Ke and Mira before meeting Jero for lunch. Monday is usually my MUX night, but since I thought I was going to be gone, I went on vacation on the MUX. So, I decided to just enjoy the night off. It was sad not to see Ra this week, but I hope she and I will be able to reschedule soon.

Tuesday I had off work so I got to hang out with Jero during her telework day. We watched the inauguration and were very happy with the swearing in of a new, intelligent President. When Jero’s workday ended we went out to eat to celebrate, and then we went back to her house to relax and play Kingdom of Loathing. We were going to play SingStar as well, but it got too late, so we went to bed.

Wednesday after work I drove to Illinois to see Amsc. When I arrived I gave her a belated New Year’s kiss and then we retired to her bedroom. We chatted and caught up a bit, and then got out my laptop to watch BSG Webisodes and The Other Boleyn Girl. I’d have loved to follow with the Elizabeth movies, but alas I had to go to sleep since I needed to get up super-early to drive back to Indy for work.

My plans Thursday with Mika were cancelled since she got sick, so I stayed home to try to catch up on journaling and laundry. I wound up having an extensive conversation with Amsc about whether or not we should continue dating, since the distance is putting a heavy strain on our relationship. When it got too late to talk about it further, we tabled the discussion for now and worked out possible plans for this weekend.

Friday night I hung out with Ke. She bought us Fazoli’s and we hung out at her house on her laptops. Ke helped me a bit with working out my financial troubles, and I mulled over a response to a critical email I’d gotten from Ra concerning my dating practices and how they lead to my “relationship stress on multiple fronts” as Ra put it. I’ll need more time to ponder her points and think about how to resolve them.

Today I had a pleasant lunch with Jero. After work Amsc is coming into town and then the two of us are going down to Bloomington to meet up with Jalyru and my sister. Jalyru invited me up to play on her Wii and ‘do some karaoke,’ so it should be fun. Tomorrow Amsc and I have all day to sleep in and snuggle, so I look forward to the quiet downtime.

“’Sin?’ ‘Sin’ like ‘love’ was a word hard to define. It came in two bitter but vastly different flavors. The first lay in violating the taboos of your tribe.”
-- Robert Heinlein, Time Enough For Love

Friday, January 23, 2009

Last Week 2009.01.17

Last week was pretty good. I stressed myself out over Saturday’s D&D game, but everyone seemed to have a good time. I finally got to talk to Mika about the problems I’ve been having with out relationship, and that cleared up much of the cloud of depression that’s been hanging over me for months.

The Sunday night before last I met up with Nivagi to celebrate her birthday. I couldn’t afford to take her out to dinner, so we just ordered Chinese food and stayed in. We got some time alone and got to sleep in together since I’m off work most Mondays. It was good to spend time with her when neither of us was rushed or exhausted, and Nivagi said it was a first-rate start to her birthday week.

That Monday I blew off MUX night again to work on my Dollship of Doom for Saturday’s D&D game. I felt guilty about it, but I did need to get it done by Saturday, and it’s a lot more fun and speedy with Jero’s help. I felt some time pressure since I wanted to journal, MUX, and work on the Dollship all at the same time. Besides self-induced stress, however, it was a nice night.

That Tuesday I had a horrible day at work, so I skipped the Poly Meetup and just had noodles and hid out with Ke. She helped me put my bed together (finally!) and looked into storage options for all my crap. I got caught up with a little of the vast list of things I’m behind on while Ke studied and window-shopped online. It was a perfect night of productivity and unwinding.

That Wednesday Jero and I had tickets to Repo! The Genetic Opera. Anbadi, D!1, Beldar, DaSn, Jedo, and Liin were there, as well as the director and one of the stars. The movie was marvelously fun in a Sweeney Todd sort of way, and full of Anthony Stewart Head goodness. Afterwards there was an interesting Q&A with the writers and the actor who played the Grave-Robber. I got their autograph for Mira, hugs from Anbadi, D!1, and Liin, and then we went back to Jero’s to sleep.

That Thursday night Mika came over and we had a long talk about our relationship. I’ve had a hard time adjusting to the rapid development of her connection with Tojo, but I didn’t want to bother her about it because I didn’t want to stomp on her NRE. It turns out that just talking about it with her made me feel a lot better about everything. What was that about poly and communication, communication, communication? >B)

Last Friday I went to Mars’s to work more on my Dollship of Doom. Emmemy made us dinner, and their kid ran around looking cute. Mars worked on his own constructible cardstock projects and then helped me with part of the Dollship forecastle. When Emmemy went to bed Mars and I watched the first episode of season 4.5 of BSG, which was just as uplifting as hell. When it got late I stumbled over to Ke’s and passed out to sleep.

Last Saturday I had to work, so I dropped off the Dollship at Jero’s so she could work on it and then went into the office. Unfortunately I’d left the ship in the car all night and the glue froze, meaning Jero had to redo a lot of what we’d done this week. After work Mira come into town for the weekend to role-play with me and to visit Ke, and the D&D game was a chaotic but fun time, and I think an overall success.

“I'll go where and when I please, see what I want to -- and try not to antagonize local yokels. Especially those fighting each other; it makes them trigger happy.”
-- Robert Heinlein, Time Enough For Love

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Week in Review – January 10th

This week has had a lot of money and relationship stress, although with help and understanding from the important people in my life it’s been getting better towards the weekend. I did have to cancel my plans with Amsc on Thursday, but with luck we can reschedule soon after I get my next paycheck. This weekend should be fun even though I don’t have any money.

Last Sunday morning Ke picked me up and took me with her to her family reunion. It was fun meeting more of her family and enjoying yummy food. When we got back to Indy we went to Kinko’s so Ke could mail schoolbooks, and then I went with her to work and printed stuff for my Dollship of Doom. I’ve been depressed lately, but Ke endured my crappy mood and did what she could to make me feel better.

Monday is usually my MUX night, but Jero wanted to help me work on my Dollship of Doom. Since Jero and I had bought office supplies Saturday night, and Ke had let me print stuff while I with her to Kinko’s, I had most everything ready. Jero and I got a lot of progress done, and will post pictures after the campaign – I want the ship itself to be a surprise to most of the players.

Tuesday night Mika came over after getting her headlight replaced, and arrived at the exact moment as the Chinese food I’d ordered. Remarking on her perfect timing, I led her upstairs and we ate sitting on my bed and talking. After dinner we finished her D&D character and then snuggled until Mika passed out early (10 PM). It took me a long time to fall asleep, but it was pleasant to have Mika here to cuddle.

Wednesday night after work I stopped by my apartment and then headed to Ke’s to pick her up. Grabbing some food on the way, we wound up doubling back to my place to see if a check from my mom had arrived, but no luck. Unfortunately, a quick scan of my finances revealed I was about $40 short of the rent check I’d dropped off on the 5th, with no money left for the $315 student loan bill due next week. Eep!

Unfortunately, this poverty led me to have to cancel my plans with Amsc, which I’d been looking forward to since New Year’s Eve. B( It may have been for the best, since the self-same poverty led me to make some questionable decisions about what might still be edible in the work fridge. When I felt better Jero took me out for non-poisonous food, and Ke made me some lunches so the same thing wouldn’t happen again.

Friday I was a little less stressed since Ke lent me money to cover my bills until my next paycheck, as long as I’m frugal. After work I went over to Chpa and Nivagi’s to work on their D&D characters. I headed back at 11 so Ke could come over and hot tub and I could get my suit ready for today and still get to bed at a decent time. We watched a little Colbert Report and then went to sleep.

Today I went into work early so I could leave early to go to Brbe and Erro’s wedding. I’m going to be an usher, although if the weather is bad I’m not going to get down there as early as Rere would like. Still, Jero is picking me up so we can head down immediately when I clock out here. After the wedding Jero and I are going to Roller Ball with Jero’s derby league.

Tomorrow I’m going to celebrate Nivagi’s birthday with her a little early, and the rest of the week I’ll probably lie low until payday, working on the D&D campaign I’m going to start next Saturday (eep!). Jero and I are planning to go see Repo the Genetic Opera Wednesday, so that should be all different flavors of awesome. The D&D campaign I’m worried about, since I’ll be trying something different, and just have to hope it works out. Wish me luck!

“I have never swindled a man. At most I have kept quiet and let him swindle himself. This does no harm, as a fool cannot be protected from his folly.”
-- Robert Heinlein, Time Enough For Love

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy New Year!

The first week of the New Year has been even more up and down for me than most. I’ve been cranky, depressed, down, and stressed. My friends and lovers have been mostly patient with me as I try to pull myself out of an emotional slump. I’ve had some really nice nights that have sometimes counter-balanced my bad moods. I’m trying to make the best of things without feeling too fake-happy like I used to.

Last Sunday Ke and I slept late and then headed out for some Dairy Queen. B! had suggested a game night, and for a last minute event we had a surprisingly robust turnout -- Brbe and Erro, B!, Chwi and M31, Salamander and Nivagi, Jero, and Jogr, a new person from Indiana_RP. Nada still has my Apples to Apples and Munchkin, but B! and Jero brought theirs so the evening was saved. *grin*

Last Monday I had a follow-up doctor’s appointment, so Ke went with me to the radiation oncologist’s to be checked out and makes her everything is AOK. After my appointment Ke and I had Cuban food for lunch and went to see the Bodies exhibit, which was very interesting. I spent the evening with Jero, having dinner and MUXing a bit before heading to bed.

Last Tuesday I went to see Jeki. She and I don’t get to hang out very often due to her schedule as a single mom, but for the last couples of years she’s been free the week between Christmas and New Year’s while her kids were at the grandparents’. So, even though I was insanely busy, I made some time to go visit her and hang out during her rare childfree time. Her ex-husband teased her because she’d tried to squeeze in time to see everyone she knew while she had the opportunity to have adult conversations without interruption. It was pleasant to spend time with her, and I hope I won’t have to wait until next Christmas to hang out again.

Last Wednesday Jero and I had a fun night at Mika and Tojo’s New Year’s Eve party. Jero and I shared a kiss at midnight, and then I got one from Mika and Nivagi as well. Ke and Mira called to wish me a happy New Year from Evansville, and I called Amsc, Bemcco, Caro, and Ra to give them (or their voicemail) long-distance New Year’s kisses as well. Jero and I stayed pretty late at the party and then headed back to her house to sleep.

Jero and I slept in late on New Year’s Day. Later in the day Ke drove back from visiting Mira. I went over to her house to give her new year’s kisses in person (and collect some from Mira!). After she made some food we hid in her bedroom to hide under the electric blanket until her house and we warmed up. It was a warm snuggly way to start the New Year!

Friday night A@, Jobe, and I met up at Mars’s house for a game of Runebound. Mars made yummy chili and the four of us played after midnight, when A@ announced he had to leave soon. For fun A@ made a reckless grab for the end game, quickly beating the three of us to victory. Apparently the rest of us need to learn the lesson that bold action gets results in Runebound!

Saturday night Jero and I were planning to go to a party, but I wasn’t feeling well so we stayed home. We did pick up some materials so I could work on my constructible ship set for my upcoming D&D game, although we were stymied from further progress by the lack of a color ink cartridge. Instead we played on our laptops until I felt better and then watched Bones before falling asleep.

This week has been steadily better in terms of my moodiness, and I hope things will continue to improve. However, in terms of stress I still have to deal with the fact that I am fantastically broke and may have to borrow money and postpone out-of-town plans until after my next paycheck. I hate to disappoint, but so far at least people are being very understanding. *sigh*

“I don't give advice; people never take it.”
-- Robert Heinlein, Time Enough For Love