Thursday, June 18, 2009

Health - June 18th

I seriously need to work on improving my health. For a while my blood pressure was in the “keep an eye on it zone,” but lately when I’m stressed I’ve been feeling dizzy, flushed, and lightheaded – not good signs. I’ve been told I *look* flushed when I’m upset, which might be normal, but not when my doc keeps pointing to my steadily-above-normal BP reading. I’ve been using my rotating work schedule as an excuse not to exercise, but really, I get stuck with one of three schedules, and I really need to just find time on each of them to eat, exercize, and sleep, and stick to it whichever schedule I’m on.

Part of the problem is that I’m “busy” all of the time, and I don’t want to take already-limited time away from loved ones. However, when I think about it, I don’t begrudge Jero her derby practice or Nivagi her belly-dance class, and I can’t really imagine anyone I love having a problem if I want to delay plans an hour once a week so I can exercise. I will definitely need my lovers’ buy-in if I’m going to stick to plans to improve my financial and physical help, but they are all wonderful people and I know they will help if I can work out a realistic plan and try to stick to it.

Ponder ponder ponder. Any suggestions?


Cande said...

hi, it's my first time leaving a comment here.

Good luck finding the time. I have the same problem. But I have found that with a busy schedule there are simple changes you can make.

-Walk or take the bike to work if possible.
-wake up earlier in the morning to do some stretching or exercises from home.
-you can get one of those cheap "step" machines and use it while watching tv.

I find that managing to do things at home saves a lot of time. Rather than going to a gym or a pool where it takes up half the time just getting there and home.


BZero said...

Oh! Hey! Thanks for the comment. I didn't think anyone actually read this blog. LOL

Time is definitely the issue. I could bike or walk to work (I purposefully moved close), except most days of the week I'm not going from or two my apartment -- I'm arriving from or travelling to someplace farther away. Waking up a tad earlier to do a little at-home exercising seems to be a good idea, however, and I don't think it will be difficult to get a buy-in from those I usually sleep over with. B)

Thanks for the suggestions!

Cande said...

Well I follow... but I've only been reading for a few days to tell the truth. So far I enjoy it ;)
Sorry I couldn't be more help on the exercise front. good luck with it.

BZero said...

Welcome to the blog! I'll try to be entertaining. Thanks for the advice! B)