Saturday, May 23, 2009

Week in Review – Week Ending 2009 May 23

This week my social activities were sharply curtailed by getting sick for several days. I had to cancel on Jeki, which sucked although she was very understanding of my situation. I did feel well enough to go camping this weekend at Lothlorien, which does make me happy. I enjoyed hanging out with Ke last night for her birthday, and tonight after work it’s back to Lothlorien to spend the rest of the weekend camping with Chpa and Nivagi!

Last Sunday Jero and I didn’t get to bed until about 4 AM after a great time at the BHRG’s Pants Off Dance Off season opener party. Luckily we got to sleep in late before getting up to shower and venture out for food. After dinner Jero stopped by the doctor’s to check out her knee, which she hurt during derby practice. After picking up prescriptions for her injury, we retired to her house, where I MUXed and we played Travians.

Monday I had off since I’m on the Saturday shift this week, so Jero and I slept in late and then ventured out for food. Since Jero’s knee is in an immobilizer and I wanted her to rest and heal fast, I mowed her lawn for her (I owe her for all the help she’s given me in my apartment). We went out to dinner and then I got online to MUX. Hemy set up a rather fun role-playing scene with Major Bludd, Snake-Eyes and Spike that I brought Buster into and nearly got everybody killed. Good times! B)

Tuesday I was back at work – for about four hours. I started feeling really sick, and had to go home early and cancel my evening plans since I wasn't feeling up for travel and socializing. I was hoping to get things done at home instead, but I wound up wiling away the hours away with little accomplished besides checking my email, doing some laundry, emptying out my hall closest, and watching The Daily Show. I hoped against hope I’d feel better the next day.

No such luck. I felt OK in the morning, but by noon I was feeling horrid again. I cancelled my re-scheduled plans with Jeki and stayed home once more. It was good to have some time to myself, but I still managed not to get anything accomplished with the time I had. I know I should have been resting since I was sick, but I didn’t really rest and yet still didn’t get anything done either. I did set up the automatic teapot my mother got me a while back so I could make myself ginger tea pots at a time, but that’s about it. In retrospect I should have just set up my laptop and MUXed the night away, or at least caught up on my reading.

By Thursday I was feeling better, so after work I drove down to Lothlorien to meet up with Chpa and Nivagi. Nivagi showed me around (I’ve only been there once, very briefly, and not during an event) and I got to hang out with her friends and run into a few more of my own. Nivagi was carrying around a giant unbreakable goblet of wine to the amusement of many of the people we ran into, and while she was planning to stay up all night, we wound up passing out in her tent fairly early, while Chpa stayed up and napped in a hammock he set up somewhere outside. I felt guilty for displacing Chpa from his own tent, but I had a great time hanging out with them.

Friday was Ke’s birthday, so I left Lothlorien early so I could drive back and surprise Ke with donuts from her favorite bakery and a full set of Star Trek glasses she’d wanted from Burger King. I got stuck in race traffic, but I called Jero and she Google-mapped me through back streets so I could bring breakfast to her and Ke. After work Ke met me at my apartment so I could pack for the weekend, and then we went shopping for more camp stuff and then had dinner at a Mongolian grill.

Ke and I stayed up late this morning packing, and then this morning Ke dropped me off downtown so I could avoid parade hassles. At work everyone else got to go home on e-time, but I’m stuck here ‘til 6:15. When Ke picks me up we’re heading back down to Lothlorien to spend the weekend. She borrowed Brone’s tent and bought an air mattress, and we’re bringing along a sleeping bag and a ton of blankets in case it gets cold at night and we don’t want to freeze. B) It should be lots of fun.

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