Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at Rosc’s – 2008.12.25

Christmas at Rosc’s was fun and interesting. I got to meet to my half-nephew Jake and hear a lot about my dad from a slightly less biased source than my mother, who canonizes my dad since he died during their NRE phase. According to my mother, my dad was a saint who could never do wrong; it was nice to hear a more well-rounded assessment from someone who knew my dad from high school until he died. Rosc married my dad’s first wife and raised my half-brothers as his own.

Nephew Jake was actually a riot, talking a mile a minute and forever going off on endless amusing tangents. He actually reminded me a lot of my ex Jeso with the cadence and rhythm of his speech, with a fair dose of ADD thrown in for entertainment value. Rosc said my father was the same way, always talking a blue streak, which is rather at odds with my mom’s Cary Grant portrayal of my dad. It was definitely interesting to meet another K31, since I have almost no contact with that part of my family.

Rosc also confirmed my dad’s drinking problem, which was implied by the fact that all stories of him take place in a bar. Apparently dad also had a drug problem and went into rehab, and when he came out he was a sober but empty shell. Rosc’s opinion is that they over-treated him in rehab and he came out differently broken instead of fixed. This, plus dad’s stress and unhappiness at work, puts his suicide when I was eighteen months old into a more understandable context.

My mom (also over-treated in Rosc’s opinion) wasn’t as bad this year as she has been years past. Yesterday was better – mom was happy to see us and drowned me in near useless crap presents while promising my sister cash instead (but not this month – next month, maybe?). Mom made a huge yummy dinner for us, and seems to love my sister’s new boyfriend Semo, who I agree is rather cool. After everyone went to bed I took advantage of the quiet and stayed up working on my D&D campaign.

Today wasn’t quite as fun. I didn’t sleep well since I wound up curled up on a love seat, but I tried to sleep as late as possible so I wouldn’t be too tired to drive tonight. Mom woke up early and started cooking the lasagna for tonight’s dinner, but then started feeling sick so she went to lie down. Dinner turned out well, but unfortunately Mom was too sick to join us and spent the rest of the day laying in the living room looking like she was on death’s door, which put a damper on the festivities.

Chhu and Semo made the best of it – they snuck off to the bathroom and had sex – but I eventually got a little cranky and was very ready to leave. After packing up the car with all my holiday crap – er, booty – and enduring endless pictures (we have almost no photos of us as a family), we finally escaped. I drove part of the way back and then Chhu took over since she was getting car sick and feels better if she’s driving. I’m looking forward to getting to Jero’s and snuggling and maybe watching some Dexter.

Happy Holidays!

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