Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Tuesday 2010.11.30

Tuesday morning I got to sleep in again.  Jero teleworked, so she joined me on her lunch break to cuddle up and snuggle.  She complained about Obama's pay freeze for federal employees, but then backtracked and said she really can't complain while snuggling in bed on a workday.  I went to get us food and then hung out with her during most of her workday, until I had to leave to go to my own job. 


It was another quiet night at work, and afterward I went home to meet Stsm.  She was in the shower, so I did my creeper impression until she got out and got dressed so we could eat.  I had Yats Mira had left for us and Stsm had ice-cream.  My new laptop had arrived in the mail, so Stsm encouraged me to check it out while she blogged and took pictures of her stuffed bunny.  B)


I thought we might roleplay, but by the time we were done futzing around on our laptops it had gotten late.  Stsm wanted to stay up since she was over-caffienated, but it was already 3 AM, too late to start something when she had a 12-hour shift in the morning, so ultimately we went to sleep.  We snuggled all night, and then Stsm left me tucked into bed while she went to work.  Sad!  Boo work!  It's too bad we couldn't cuddle up all day against the cold.  B)


·         "We have a firm commitment to NATO. We are part of NATO. We have a firm commitment to Europe. We are part of Europe."
Former Vice-President Dan Quayle