Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Week

Monday at work Damcza, our new Cobra Commander on the <a>Transformers Universe MUX</a> emailed me and asked if he could talk with me about MUX stuff. I told him I'd be on after work, and when I logged on we discussed ways to speed up the application process for new players. I wound up spending all night talking with him and doing admin stuff, and while the night wasn't fun <i>per se</i>, it was pleasantly productive, and I got to talk with Damcza about a lot of things about which I was concerned. After MUXing I snuggled with Jero and watched the last episode of the previous season's <i>House M.D.</i> before snuggling and falling asleep.

Tuesday night my plans had gotten cancelled, so I decided to make it a productivity night and catch up with journaling, etc. Ke saw that I was free, and invited me over to eat after work. She had a coupon for Max & Erma's, which she hadn't been to before, so we went there for yummy sammiches before heading back to Ke's so I could journal and she could write her paper for English class. Ke was a lot more productive than I – she got her paper done, but I got sucked into <a href=>OKCupid</a> and didn't get much journaling done. We took a break to run to Meijer for cat litter and ice cream (yum!), and then settled on the couch to watch an episode of <i>Star Trek: Deep Space Nine</i>. By the time that was over, it was getting late, so we shut down our laptops, and headed to bed.

Wednesday night after work I met up with Kave, since it was her birthday. I took her out to eat at Ruby Tuesday's, and then we went back to her apartment to watch a couple of episodes of <I>Red Dwarf</>. She wound up falling asleep during the second episode we were watching, so afterward we got undressed for bed and I wound up cuddling and sleeping over. I thought I might have to leave since Caro got stranded at the airport, but S( came up to get her so all was OK. I slept until ten AM, and then dragged myself out of her bed and off to Jero's for Thanksgiving.

Thursday morning when I got to Jero's, I brought her breakfast in bed from Hardee's, and then we cuddled and went back to sleep. Jero had suggested pouncing, but I was still sleepy, so we napped instead. Even after we woke back up, we continued to cuddle. It was very pleasant to have a day we could huddle up and sleep. When we did get up, Jero made a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner for the two of us, and then we hung out and played on our laptops until it was time for bed. We cuddled and watched <I>Supernatural</i> before drifting off to sleep.

This morning Jero and I slept in, and then got up and went to the comic store for geeky four-color goodness. We had an incredibly late breakfast at Bob Evans, where I got Jero a cute Beanie Baby penguin. We intended to go pick up my glasses today, but I couldn't get anyone at my eye doctor's to answer, so I figured they were either closed, or too busy to bother with. Giving up on productivity, we headed back to Jero's to snuggle and watch more <I>Supernatural</i> until Ke was ready for me to come over. Now I'm at Ke's, taking a break with her before she goes back to cleaning for Mira's weekend visit.